Model Car Hall of Fame News

Introducing the Model Car Hall of Fame Class of 2020


It is an understatement for us at the Hall to say that the year 2020 was very tough on many. As the global pandemic unfolded, our community continued to face new challenges on a daily basis. We are sad to say that the Hall suffered as well. When COVID hit, our most esteemed Community Leader […]

MCHOF ’20: CastHeads Magazine is the Perfect Pandemic Publication

Castheads magazine


Most people spent 2020 looking for ways to make life seem “normal” even when that was not really possible. One of our favorite diecast projects, CastHeads Magazine, really hit that mark in 2020. For their ability to make the diecast collecting world feel a little more “real,” CastHeads is an inductee in the Model Car […]

MCHOF ’20: Zen and the Art of Model Car Building with Jun’s Mini Garage

Jun's mini garage


Building plastic models of cars is fun and rewarding, but how many people would call it relaxing? A video channel on YouTube presents an argument that assembling and customizing models can be downright Zenful. And for that, Jun’s Mini Garage earns a spot in the Model Car Hall of Fame. Jun (the only name he […]

MCHOF ’20: Isolation Island Creates a Virtual, Miniature Concours d’Elegance

Isolation Island


Car shows and diecast conventions were one of the sadly missing real-world events in 2020. Lucky for fans of such things, the Isolation Island Concours d’Elegance stepped in to fill the void. As one of the most fun online “conventions” and a showcase of astonishing model making, Isolation Island gets a spot in the Model […]

MCHOF ’20: ¡Viva Los Autenticos! Ted Gray Documents Mexican Hot Wheels Variants

mchof ted gray


It’s good to have a hobby during downtime. Theodore “Ted” Gray’s hobby is documenting the early and often obscure history of Hot Wheels products. And his latest book, published in 2020, is just the thing Redline Hot Wheels enthusiasts needed last year. For that, and all of his other endeavors to preserve history in miniature, […]

The 2020 Event was the Isolation Island Concours d’ Elegance


Very much a 2020 and COVID-19 invention, this was an online concours d’elegance event started at the end of March of 2020 by friends Chairman Andy Reid and Vice-Chairman Dirk de Jager.  Nine months and 8 more events later they just announced the Annual Winners.  Check out the Award Ceremony, a roughly 30-minute video here. […]

Nice Review of Inductee Tom Daniel’s work as a Designer


Tom Daniel an industrial designer by trade, is probably one of the most popular model designers around. With over 75 of his designs being manufactured as scale model kits.  Here is a great video compilation from maxsmodels.

And The Winner of the MCHOF Showcase Contest is…

MCHOF Showcase Collection


John Greaves is the winner of our MCHOF Showcase Contest, speeding past the competition with his impressive collection of 1/18th scale models. Greaves recently paired down his collection of Hot Wheels Redlines from 120 models, holding on to favorites such as his Highway 61 Fred Gibb 427, Billy The Kid Challenger and the 1/12th Kyosho […]

LEGO Ideas Green Lights Auto Union Type C for Another Six Months

Auto Union Type C


Is there a more apt description for the 1936 Auto Union Type C racecar other than an “airplane without wings?” A version of this sleek vehicle, with its aerodynamic form and powerful underpinnings designed specifically for hill climbing, has just received the green light for another six months on the LEGO Ideas website. The campaign […]