The Oscars of the Model Car World

In 2017 we set out to encompass much more of the diecast world. We accomplished this by adding more scales and starting to become more international. We’re proud to say that nomination from outside the U.S. were up by a factor of 10 last year and the Hall now has its first European inductee. We also worked hard on making the Hall a shared community, a place where you have as much ownership as we do, and we now have 78 Community Supporters from 18 countries representing more than 720,000 collectors!


This year we are continuing to push these goals, along with including model kits and slot cars into our nomination categories. To better reflect this we are changing the name of the Hall to the Model Car of Fame!


A name changes necessitates a new logo. You will have no doubt noticed that it shows a particular brand of car…In fact, it’s last year’s inductee for brand of the year, BMW. This particular BMW is the beautiful and iconic 507, a car we believe represents the collector mentality very well. Rather than have a generic silhouette, we decided to showcase the previous year’s Automotive Brand of the Year because we like to celebrate our inductees. To show anything less than a stunning model (in scale or 1:1) in our own logo would just be letting you all down.
We hope you’ll stay along for this next segment in our journey, and we look forward to a great year with you and the Model Car Hall of Fame.


Christian Braun                        John O’Neil
Chairman                                  Community Director

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