Across the line!

With 4,000 votes, the Hall just had its biggest voting season ever. Thank you! Now comes the really fun part. We’re headed to LA to cover the 32nd Hot Wheels Collectors Convention. After that, we’re announcing your choices for the best model cars and the coolest collectors. Make sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and our blog for updates!

Model Car HoF Updates

Redlines, Rare Cars and Really Cool People

We’re back from LA and the 32nd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention with some new cars, new video and some great stories. This convention celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels and brought in some truly great and influential people from the Hot Wheels World. The convention cars also look really special in their anniversary […]

0 to 50 at 1/64 Scale: A Commemorative Hot Wheels Book

Don’t want to wait? Click here to Check it out right now in our Store! You’ve collected the cars, but do you know the whole story? Kris Palmer, Inductee Larry Wood and the team behind Hot Wheels: From 0 to 50 at 1/64 Scale are here with a new Hot Wheels book to bring you up to speed. […]

Voting is open for the 2018 Model Car Hall of Fame!

  A bunch more to see It’s an exciting year at the Hall. With our new name, new categories and new Selection Committee members, we’ve got a bigger field of nominees than ever! Our nominees represent every corner of the diecast, model car and automotive worlds, from famous shows to new players to awesome collectors […]

A New Selection Committee Member and his Amazing Automotive Books

One of the best things about racing is its ability to make what otherwise appears as a collection of metal, rubber and oil into legend, and few have earned that legend as well as Lotus. It’s through the publishing company of our newest Selection Committee member, William Taylor’s Coterie Press, that some of the best […]

Endless Road: Building A Social Network for Automotive Art

When did you last draw a car? It may have been age 5, or, if you’re like some of our inducted designers it may have been the other day, but you’re not alone. Automobiles and art have always been intertwined. Designs for many of today’s automobiles still often start with a pen and paper. Plus, […]

Chris Walker’s Super Size Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels are 1/64 scale, right? Well, not always. Hot Wheels have always had such iconic models that collectors have often been inspired to scale up these souped up supercars, usually with 1:1 scale re-imaginings. If you’re like me, though, you might not have the shelf-space for 1:1 versions of all your favorite Hot Wheels. […]

Honoring Hot Rod History: New Ed Roth Custom from Chris Walker

Customizing and the people who do it have always been a driving force in cars and diecast. The Model Car Hall of Fame has inducted dozens of great customizers since 2009, now we’re starting a new project to showcase even more of their great work. Here’s customizer and Inductee Chris Walker to talk about the first […]

Announcing A New Series of Books for 1:43 Scale Fans

Cover Photo

Continuing our goal of providing great resources of information for enthusiasts, we’re excited to announce a collaboration with Reinhard Jarczok from Tim Verlag, author of Modelcar Yearbook series. You can now find the first two editions of Verlag’s Modelcar Yearbook for 1:43 scale cars in our marketplace, the first covering models from 2015/2016 and the second covering […]