2018 Categories

This is going to our biggest Class ever!

Brands of the Year

  1. Automotive Brand of the Year (last year BMW)\
  2. Model Brand of the Year (new)
  3. Model Car Dealer of the Year (last year Diecast Models Wholesale)
  4. Novice Model Brand of the Year (last year AutoCult)
  5. Supplier Brand of the Year (last year Falken Tire)



  1. Automotive Artist (new)
  2. Automotive Legend (last year Tim Allen)
  3. Collector of the Year (last year Woody Itson)
  4. Model Builder of the Year (new)
  5. Model Car Customizer (last year Joe Alvarado)
  6. Model Car Designer (last year Tony Karamitsos)
  7. Model Car Historian (last year Robert Fellows)
  8. Model Car Entrepreneur (last year Paul Lang)
  9. Slot Car Racer of the Year (new)


Model of the Year

  1. 1/8 – 1/12 Scale (new)
  2. 1/18  Scale (last year AUTOart Mercedes-AMG GTS)
  3. 1/24 – 1/25  Scale (last year Bburago 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia)
  4. 1/43 – 1/55  Scale (last year Schuco VW Beetle “Lil Bugger” Camper Van)
  5. 1/64  Scale (last year Hot Wheels Fiat 500 Modificado)
  6. 1/87  Scale (new)
  7. Model Kits (new)
  8. Model Trucks (new)
  9. Model Farm Equipment (new)
  10. Slot Cars (new)


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