When Racing Slot Cars Could Get You Real Cars

Slot Cars, if you didn’t know, are amazing electric-powered scale vehicles in a variety of sizes, controlled via remote and raced on grooved tracks, which each car slots into. Throughout their history, Slot Cars enjoyed periods of popularity big enough to be noticed by the Automotive industry, which held contests and awarded prizes to national […]

Hot Wheels Accessories Like You’ve Never Seen

The Redline and Restoration communities have enjoyed aftermarket parts to spruce up their Hot Wheels for awhile. Nowadays, computer-aided design has helped folks like Victor Leznik and his company HW Works churn out a steady stream of custom parts with a more modern flavor: turbo engines, body kits, big wheels and a whole lot more. […]

Hot Wheels Unboxings and more on Hot Diecast Garage

Hot Wheels have always been a big part of the Hall, and many of our 129 Community Supporter groups are formed around Hot Wheels. If you’re the type of collector who follows every release just waiting to see the latest and greatest, look no further than Hot Diecast Garage. Check out this latest video, featuring […]

hobbyDB adopts and expands Ferrari Model Club Database

For twenty years, the original Ferrari Model Club database remained an essential resource for Ferrari model collectors, cataloguing some 16,000 models across many brands. Now, working closely with club president Thomas Niewalda, hobbyDB is working to document and expand the entire database, providing a new home on the hobbyDB site and pictures for every model. […]