Micro Machines Returning in 2020

Micro Machines. Those tiny, tiny model car toys that came in a rollable, foldable model-car-slash-mini-city are back! After Hasbro signed off on a new deal to license the cars out, micro-machines will return from a new manufacturer. Are you more excited for this, or are your kids? Check out the full story from The Drive. and […]

What’s New from Round2

2020 is well under way, and our friends at Round2 have a lot of new diecast for you. With all new offerings from AMT, Johnny Lightning, and more, there’s a bunch to check out. See more in the video from their Youtube!

Wreck Royale Crashing Cars designed by MCHOF Inductee

Luis Tanahara is a Model Car Hall of Fame inducted designer and a former designer at brands like Mattel and Jada. In his current role as design lead at MGA, he’s helped develop a new line of diecast aimed at kids, (but undeniably cool to anyone) the Wreck Royale series. With hot rod inspired designs, […]

The Best New Database for Volvo Models

The biggest database for collectors, hobbyDB, is now the best for Volvo model car fans as well. Working together with our friends at the Volvo Model Car Group, hobbyDB now features a database for every Volvo model car ever made from all sorts or model builders. Check out the full story here on hobbyDB. 

Wonderful new Wagon from Autopioneer

German brand Autopioneer makes great 1:43 scale cars, and their newest wagon model, the 1938 Horch 830BL, is no exception. Don’t feel bad that you haven’t heard of it, Horch was a German passenger car brand that didn’t make it out of the 30’s, but pioneered some neat stuff along the way. This is one […]

Scale Model of the Year from Diecast Society!

Our friends and Community Supporters Diecast Society have just started their voting for their own Model of the Year for 2019. With models from AUTO Art, Bburago, and GT Spirit, there’s some great diecast on the list for you to check out, like the Mustang above. Make sure you visit their site and cast your […]