Matchbox Wrecker Restoration

Wreckers make great diecast. With their hooks, articulating, car-scooping arms and big size, they’re one of those vehicles that gave us a little extra realism to play with. There’s no shortage of cool tow truck diecast out there, and our friend Marty’s Matchbox Makeover’s has this great restoration of a Matchbox K2 King Size Scammel […]

Generations of Ford GT

With the hype not yet died down from the release of Ford Vs. Ferrari or the releases of Ford’s newest supercar, the 2019 GT, Ford’s ultimate performance car is enjoying a brighter spotlight than ever. If you’re a little short on the $1 million or so needed to buy the real GT with the holidays approaching, […]

Black Friday Diecast Deals Today on hobbyDB

Black Friday is here, and we know you’d rather check out some sweet cars rather than fight your way through long lines to get a new dishwasher. Luckily, hobbyDB has discounts up to 65% off of some of your favorite diecast, like Auto World and Hot Wheels. Skip the lines and check it out!

Inducted Model McLaren Senna Gets Electric Lights and Doors

Last year, the 1/8th Scale McLaren Senna from Amalgam Collection won 1/8th Scale Car of the Year. Already an extremely detailed model, created in conjunction with McLaren and the original build specifications, the Amalgam Senna will come in a new edition featuring working lights and doors controlled via remote. See how Amalgam is taking this […]

Secret Holiday Diecast from M2 Machines

The transition from pumpkin spice to peppermint is upon us, so it’s no secret that the holidays are right around the corner. What’s less known is that there’s some special holiday releases from M2 machines available exclusively at a few locations, and M2 has the scoop on where you can find them. Check them out […]