CastHeads: Digital Diecast digest

CastHeads is a fairly new digital magazine with a polished, glossy look at all the best diecast coming out from brands around the world. Now in its 5th issue, CastHeads is examining everything from Hot Wheels to Ignition Model to Tarmac works. Check out more on their site, where you can read any issue through […]

Watch Some Classic Hot Wheels pickin’

We know you folks love to pick through model cars and diecast at the swap meet. Not all of us can make every single one, though (no matter how well you think you can handle that 10 hr road trip for rare Hot Wheels). If you want the thrill without the travel ills, check out […]

Great Slot Cars and Parts from CG Slotcars

Slotcars have always been a hobby for the DIY kind of person, and CG takes that ethos and applies it with the newest technology to create aftermarket 3D printed slotcars and parts. Hop over to their site and see for yourself! 

MCHOF ’63 Cobra to Start Shipping

In case you missed it, we have an awesome 1/18th scale ’63 Cobra available only at The Hamilton Collection, and it starts shipping tomorrow! You can pre-order now and continue to order once it’s shipped. Make sure to check out this limited edition (600 pieces) before it’s gone!

NASCAR Fans Can Find Your Fix

Our friends and Industry Partners at Lionel Racing make some great NASCAR diecast, plus, they also have a great recap video every week to discuss all the happenings in 1:1 NASCAR as well as show off their own newest creations. Check out the latest here on their Youtube channel!