1/43 Scale Car of the Year – Cadillac Broadmoor

What’s your idea of luxury? Is it a resort getaway, tucked in one of the country’s most beautiful regions, is it experiencing incredible natural scenery, or wafting about in extreme comfort inside one of the worlds most sumptuous cars?

With the Cadillac Broadmoor, you could do all three. Based on the 1959 Cadillac El Dorado limousine and ambulance chassis, The Cadillac Broadmoor was commissioned by the luxury mountain resort of the same name in Colorado Springs, Colorado, designed to ferry guests to and from the airport and mountains while enjoying the view.

And enjoy you could, too. The Broadmoor featured a full 4 rows of seating, a panoramic plexiglass roof and huge side windows.

The GLM model recreates all of the Broadmoor’s most memorable details, from the whitewalls and chrome hub caps, to the large glass roof panes, and  enormous tail fins. The eye catching shade of red accentuates the broad, smooth lines. The car’s unique profile, a wagon scaled up by a factor of three, is preserved well.

With such huge windows, it’s easy to see the well detailed interior. The two tone red and white shows well, with details like the chrome on the steering wheel and handlebars on each row of seat present.

The Broadmoor is a great representation of a truly unique American car and it’s our 1/43 Scale Model Car of the Year. 


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