13 Things To Do In Las Vegas Before You Diecast

If you’re planning to come to Las Vegas for the Diecast Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, you’re probably going to stay an extra day or two, right? The event is November 2, a Thursday night, so you might as well stick around for the weekend. Hey, why not come early and make it a long week?

So what’s there to do for a diecast collector on those other days? (Things that don’t involve gambling or burlesque shows, that is…) Turns out there are plenty of activities and attractions for anyone interested in car culture, museums, and good old family fun.


linq auto collections
Just a few of the cars at the LINQ.

For many years, there’s been a huge automotive museum at the Imperial Palace. We’re happy to report that after remodeling and rebranding, it’s still there in what is now called The LINQ Hotel. Situated in the upper levels of the parking garage, the museum contains race cars, rare classics, and other vehicles of historical significance. The Auto Collections at the LINQ is at 3535 S Las Vegas Blvd., in the heart of the Strip.


liberace museum
Liberace’s tastefully modified rides.

Ever seen that classic photo of young Elvis Presley in the gold jacket? Did you know he borrowed it from Liberace? There are two museums of Liberace’s memorablia in Las Vegas. The Liberace Garage (115 Dean Martin Drive, Suite 905, Las Vegas) focuses on his cars and automobilia, as well as other larger items, such as his pianos, and is located not too far from the action in Vegas.

Or for a more complete expierience, you can tour The Liberace Museum Collection, located in Michael Jackson’s former home. Items include outfits, jewelry and other shiny things. That location is only available for small private tours, so book well in advance. The full tour package includes shuttle service from the Strip, a stop at the Garage, and a champagne lunch.


Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde Movie car at the Hollywood Cars Museum.

As long as you’re visiting the Liberace Garage, there are other automotive attractions close by. The Hollywood Cars Museum features James Bond’s Lotus submarine, Herbie the Love Bug, and various Fast and Furious cars. It’s at 5115 Dean Martin Drive #905, just around the corner from Liberace’s place.

Shelby CGT40
Instead of a T-shirt, order a Continuation GT40 at the Shelby Heritage Center.

You could also visit the Shelby Heritage Center, 6405 Ensworth St., a museum of some vintage and a lot of modern Shelby tuned cars. While you’re shopping there, you can order a “Continuation” series GT40, because of course you want one.

neon museum2
Elegant junk at the Neon Museum.

For a different kind of collection, visit the Neon Museum. Originally, it was just a junkyard for the signs that were torn down to make way for bigger, glitzier ones. Luckily, the proprietors realized they had some amazing history on their hands and turned it into a museum. The outdoor space, known as the Boneyard, shows off strategically piled, unrestored signage, while the indoor visitor center has additional restored examples. Nighttime tours are available as well. It’s not too far from the main Strip at 770 N Las Vegas Blvd.

Mob Museum
The Mob Museum is always a hit.

It’s no secret that Las Vegas was built in part on some “extra-legal” activities, so the Mob Museum celebrates the rich, unsavory history of organized crime in America. If you’re into that sort of thing. No one’s asking. But it’s located at 300 Stewart Ave., just in case.

avengers station
The evolution of Iron Man.

You like comic books and action figures too, don’t you? The Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is an interactive exhibit of costumes, props, sets, and other goodies from the world of Marvel Comics. This should keep the kids occupied for a few hours. And yourself too, right? It’s inside the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, at 3300 S Las Vegas Blvd., on the Strip.

(Exhibit items and schedules at museums may change, so make sure you check ahead for all of these attractions.)


Fast Times at SpeedVegas.

If you want to do more than just look at cars, you can take a Ferrari, Lamborghini or other exotic car for spin on the race track at SpeedVegas. It’s not too far out of town, and they’re open seven days a week. Some age restrictions apply, so check for details if you have kids with you.

Maybe you’d rather watch fast cars in action instead of getting behind the wheel. The NHRA Toyota Nationals will be taking place at the Las Vegas Speedway Oct 26-29. That’s the weekend before the Diecast Hall of Fame event, Thursday through Sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY!


pbr bull riding
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeha! It’s rodeo time!

Speaking of spectator sports, the new Vegas Golden Kinghts hockey team will unfortunately be on a road trip around the time of the event. Instead, their arena will be the home of the Real Time Pain Relief Velocity Tour of the PBR – That’s Professional Bull Riders – October 28-30 at the T-Mobile Arena. There might even be some mutton bustin’!

Finally, since you’re in town for diecast related purposes, you could always shop for some in person… The Toy Shack (450 Fremont St.) is located on Fremont, aka the original strip, and there’s also Rogue Toys & Collectibles, located just nort of the end of the modern strip at 616 S Las Vegas Blvd. Both shops offer a mix of new and vintage collectibles. You can also shop at Brad’s Toys and Collectibles in Henderson, just little further from the Strip, at 1433 N. Boulder Hwy.

That’s a lot to squeeze in, so don’t forget to leave time for the Diecast Hall of Fame Ceremony. Tickets are on sale now, and limited seating is still available for the event. And remember, all net proceeds will go to There With Care, a charity that helps families who have children with critical illnesses.