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Announcing A New Series of Books for 1:43 Scale Fans

Continuing our goal of providing great resources of information for enthusiasts, we’re excited to announce a collaboration with Reinhard Jarczok from Tim Verlag, author of Modelcar Yearbook series. You can now find the first two editions of Verlag’s Modelcar Yearbook for 1:43 scale cars in our marketplace, the first covering models from 2015/2016 and the second covering 2016/2017.

The 2015/2016 Guide is printed in German, showcasing more than 2400 new models from those two years in 368 pages. The 2016/2017 guide, printed in German and English, contains 312 pages and nearly 4,000 models from brands you might not be familiar with yet like IXO, Spark, NEO, Looksmart, and Chrome.

Modelcar Yearbook


Both have great pictures and essential information for the hardcore enthusiast. Head to our marketplace and grab both today!

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