2017 Nominees are on the starting blocks

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who made a nomination this year! We received more than 250 nominations from more than five different countries (this included some that are already inducted). Although the winners will not be announced until the event in November, we wanted to share the awesome list of nominees that our selection committee will be reviewing over the next few months. Congratulations to all the Diecast Hall of Fame nominees!


The Selection Committee met for the first time yesterday and made the decision to split the Customizer and Designer categories into two separate categories, as you will notice in the list below.

To learn more about each nominee, you can click on their link and visit their hobbyDB page. We are still doing research on some nominees – if you see information that is missing on any of the pages, please add it or let us know!


Lifetime Awards –

   Automotive Legends  

Diecast Customizer

Diecast Designer  

Diecast Entrepreneurs  

Diecast Historians


Yearly Awards

The Collector of the Year award was added this year as a yearly award and is meant to pay tribute to the folks who embody the spirit of the hobby; a dedicated collector who gives back to the community, helps strengthen and grow the hobby and is an all-round diecast star.

   Collector of the Year Nominees  

  • Mark Barber
  • Jim Bur
  • Martin Cels (Australia)
  • Paul David
  • Jason Del Bel
  • James Elliott
  • Brian Fenech
  • Gabriel Gomez
  • Susan Harwick
  • Woody Itson
  • Timothy Jack
  • Chad Kirby
  • Christopher Kratochvil
  • Leo Machlowski
  • Shawn McClintic
  • Dean Moser
  • Jacob Reefe
  • Michael Sheedy (New Zealand)
  • Michael Stemmler
  • Willie Washington
  • Tiny Wozniak
  • Floyd Wright
  • Michael Zoback


There will be only one induction for each category.  Please note that the voting for the people, brands and model categories will begin later this month or early June. The selection committee will provide a list of at least five nominees per category, and then you’ll be able to vote on your favorites! More updates to follow!