2019 Model Car Customizer: Jim Coppola

 We’re proud to welcome this year’s Model Car Customizer Inductee, Jim Coppola. Now going by Jimi’zJunkYard on Facebook, Jimi got his start with a bit of friendly encouragement from his wife Terry, who suggested he pursue his hobby a bit further.
With a love of Hot Wheels well established, Jim started joining groups online and posting his collection. Soon, Jimi joined more groups and even made one of his own, continuing to post pictures and encourage fellow collectors to have fun with their cars.
Channeling his creative talent, Jimi began building his own creations out of aluminum and different castings, earning the name “Hacksaw” for his most distinguished molding technique. Jim continues posting tons of pictures of eye-catching customs that each have a distinct hot rod flair.

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With big, exposed V8’s, Real Rider wheels from across the Hot Wheels range, custom-fabricated frames, and custom car haulers, Jim’s work is instantly recognizable (and just plain awesome to look at). Don’t miss out, see Jim’s handiwork for yourself on his Facebook page, and congratulate our 2019 Model Car Customizer!