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2024 Hot Wheels Legends Tour Coming to a Town and Stores Near You

The 2024 Hot Wheels Legends Tour is about to kick off, starting in Atlanta on May 11 (see the full schedule here). If you’ve never been, it’s a festival of everything Hot Wheels, but mostly 1/1 scale cars. In addition to classic Hot Wheels designs that have been turned into real cars, there are lots of local vehicles of all persuasions at each stop. The tour also includes several custom cars that are campaigning to earn the Legend of the Year award.

Accolades are great, but the best part of winning is that Hot Wheels will make a 1/64 diecast model of the winning car, with the first variant replicating the paint scheme of the real car. With that in mind, let’s look at the winners of the event so far.

2023: The Chimera by Chris Watson – Take a stock NA Mazda MX-5 Miata, lower it, add super wide fender flares, a fastback roof, a giant wing, and all sorts of DIY touches, and well, it’s not so stock anymore. The diecast model for this one has not yet made it to retail, see above for a photo of the real thing.

Hot Wheels Legends Tour Texas Toot Autozam

2022: Texas Toot by Craig Meaux – Another Mazda, although this is a kei truck from the Autozam brand. The Texas Toot has a big block Chevy engine and a slight monster truck lift.

Hot Wheels Legends Tour volvo P-1800 gasser

2021: Volvo P1800 Gasser by Lee Johnstone – Yet another beautiful but slow car, this Volvo Gasser with the blown engine looks ready to rip. Surprisingly, this is the first-ever P-series Volvo made by Hot Wheels.

Hot-Wheels-Legends-Tour-1970 Pontiac-Firebird. Trans Am

2020: 1970 Pontiac Firebird by Riley Stair – Stair took a mild-mannered second-generation Firebird (hey, that’s not so mild-mannered at all!) and beefed it up to Trans Am specs. That’s Trans Am. as in the racing series, which is so appropriate here.

Hot Wheels Legends Tour The Nash Metropolitan

2019: The Nash by Greg Salzillo and Dave Ford – Back to slow little rides…  these guys took the adorably cute Nash Metropolitan and moved the wheels way outside the fender wells. A giant blown engine with dice on top of the velocity stacks finishes it off. The more or less stock paint scheme really sells it.

Hot Wheels Legends Tour 2JetZ

2018: 2JetZ by Luis Rodriguez – The first Legends winner to become diecast was 2JetZ. It was entirely hand-built and is powered by a Toyota Supra’s 2JZ engine. So probably fast.

Anyone who loves car culture and collecting will have a great time when it comes to your town!

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  1. Why is the tour stopping twice in Texas and not at all in Colorado??? They were here a few years ago then had to cancel one due to the demic, so know we don’t exist??? Not cool Walmart/Mattel!!!

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