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Collective Memories: Lego Go Karts and Porsches

lego 948 go cart

Above, Chris Holmes shows off one of the very first Lego Technic Sets, #948 Go Kart. And here he is a few years later with a Revell Porsche 928 kit. The engineering of the Lego set and the styling of the Porsche have served him well in his life as an auto enthusiast and in […]

Collective Memories: Lots and Lots of Vettes

hot wheels redline corvettes

Above, Ron McCormick has a huge collection of Hot Wheels Corvettes… specifically 1975 and older C3 variants. He says the top row of Redline Custom Corvettes is mostly from his childhood. The Clark’s O.M.T Boilfast case was originally used for displaying colored sewing thread. He also has one of the oldest carrying cases, also filled […]

Collective Memories: Johnny Lightning Cyclone 500 Track

Collective memory jl cyclone

Collective Memories is a chance to share where you got your passion for model cars. Send us a vintage pic of you with your model vehicles… proudly displaying your collection, racing slot cars, building models, jumping them over other toys…