Autopioneer 1935 Adler Trumpf Junior Sport Avus

A Matter of Perspective: Autopioneer 1935 Adler Trumpf Junior Sport Avus 

For the most part, automotive design is largely symmetrical. Look straight at the front, rear, or top of the car, and halves should be mirror images. There are minor exceptions for badges, exhaust pipes, wipers, license plates, and steering wheels, but essentially they are balanced. 

And then some cars disrupt that balance: 

asymmetrical cars jaguar d type mack truck nissan cube

Take the Jaguar D-Type, Nissan Cube, AMC Pacer, 1967 Paxton STP IndyCar, or 1970s Mack trucks. They’re like flounders, looking completely different from certain angles. All are beautiful/interesting from at least some angles.

And then there’s the 1935 Adler Trumpf Junior Sport Avus. At first glance, above, it looks like a very narrow body straddled between the fenders. The shape is a little weird with the single cockpit, but it was designed as an endurance racing car, so that tracks. 

Autopioneer 1935 Adler Trumpf Junior Sport Avus

It’s when you move around the car that things get unexpected. It turns out it has a full-width body, but only a bubble roof over the driver’s side. Lightweight and aerodynamic, it’s a truly bizarre car, with form and function walking hand in hand. Autopioneer recently revealed a 1/43 model of it and it is mesmerizing to hold in your hand and turn around slowly watching the shape evolve before your eyes.

The effect is somewhere between Picasso and Escher, in the best of ways.

Autopioneer 1935 Adler Trumpf Junior Sport Avus

In testing, the Adler Trumpf Junior Sport record car drove around 16,000 km in 7 days and 6 nights at an average speed of over 103 miles per hour. The test was originally scheduled for 72 hours, but everyone was having a great time, and they even brought in extra drivers to extend the drive.

The real car is believed to have been destroyed during World War II, so its place in history is somewhat obscured. Somehow enough photos and drawings exist to create a miniature. Luckily those documents show it from enough different perspectives, or it may have faded even more into obscurity. 

Autopioneer 1935 Adler Trumpf Junior Sport Avus

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