ACME 1/12 ’66 Ford GT40, the Car from Ford v. Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari, the blockbuster about the 1966 run of the LeMans 24 Hours, is set to hit the big screen. At the heart of this crazy tale is the Ford Gt40 Mk II, the second iteration of the mid-engine race car developed through an alliance of Henry Ford II, Caroll Shelby (an MCHOF Inductee), and legendary English racing driver Ken Miles. While the real car is insanely valuable and rare, this commemoration, a thoroughly detailed 1/12 scale model from ACME sold by The Hamilton Collection, can be yours for much less. This car also just so happens to be an MCHOF 1/12 scale Model of the Year Nominee. What better way to celebrate the film? Check out more of the car on the Hamilton Site, and let us know if you’re excited about the movie!