Automotive Artist – Cris Cross

Cars and drawing have always been closely intertwined, after all most car designs to this day begin with a drawing. Cristian Cross is an artist dwelling firmly in the drawing stage, developing a passion for capturing cars with pencils and paint as strong as driving them.

Like many in the slightly younger generation of car people, Cris was captivated early on by network shows on TV about cars. One of these was Chip Foose’s: Overhaulin’. Watching Chip Foose seemingly effortlessly sketch out his idea to overhaul the cars of unsuspecting marks made a huge impression. As Cris says in his biography, he had found a hero.

Cris continues drawing photorealistic portraits of Muscle cars and others, and you can clearly see Foose’s influence on Cris’s own 78 Corvette, featuring bright striking paintwork and large badges bearing Cris’s own name, just like a Foose build.

Cris’s passion has become his living, with his business Draw My Ride offering custom portraits and prints of any car you may desire. Cristian considers this a way to take a snapshot of an enthusiasts passion, capturing a moment in the complex story that any car person has with their ride.

Here’s a quote from Cris about what he does: “There is a lot of joy and satisfaction in drawing. You owe it to the car to do it justice. What people likes seems like a mix of what you thought was cool when you were a little kid and what you think today is impossible to get, what you wouldn’t see unless you made the effort to create or acquire it.”

With undeniable talent, a great appreciation of cars and an inspiring story, we’re happy to welcome Cris to the Hall of Fame.


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