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Automotive Hall of Fame and Model Car Hall Share a Mission in Different Scales

When the Automotive Hall of Fame recently announced their latest inductees, it struck us that their mission is very much like ours… just on a different scale. 

The Model Car of Hall of Fame’s core mission is to honor the best scale model vehicles, whether they’re for meant play or to be revered as art objects. We have categories for tiny models (HO-scale and under) up to massive scales such as 1/5 and even 1/4. One scale we don’t cover, however, is 1/1, or real size. Technically, there are models in that scale (concept cars, replicas, sculptures) but we figured we should leave that to someone else.

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The Automotive Hall of Fame does indeed cover actual, real-sized 1/1 cars. so they are a nice complement to our mission. Founded in 1939, Automotive Hall also honors the innovators, inventors, marketers, drivers, and anyone else behind those wonderful vehicles. At the Model Car Hall, we have the same mission. 

“Our mission at AHF is to honor and celebrate individuals in the industry,” said  Siddharth Parashar, Marketing Manager at AHF. “And our outlook is truly becoming global with inductees from around the world being added every year.” The MCHOF has basically the same mission regarding model cars and the people or companies involved in the industry. 

A visit to their 25,000-square-foot gallery is inspiring. It’s a living timeline of automotive history, complete with permanent and temporary exhibits and the Hall of Fame wing. “I am most proud of our Achievement Exhibit which is the first ‘Episode’ in our Black Leadership in Automobility Initiative, said Parashar. “It reflects on the lives of 19 African American individuals through onsite and online elements and a traveling version that is currently at the New York Auto Show. It recently received an Award of Excellence as well.”

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Despite not having a physical location yet, the MCHOF has a similar mission. “The Model Car Hall is part museum, part hall of fame,” said Christian Braun, Chairman of the MCHOF. “Some of our annual awards are for that year’s contributions, and some are lifetime achievement awards.” The site is active year-round, however, with multiple stories posted in the news feed.

larry wood Hot Wheels
Legendary Hot Wheels Designer Larry Wood

The Automotive Hall of Fame’s recent induction of Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood caught our attention, so we decided to reach out and talk about how he qualified to be in a museum of full-time cars,” said Braun. “They are our kind of people.”

As for the Larry Wood connection, multiple people have been inducted into both Halls. We’ll have a bigger write-up of those shared honorees in a few days.

“We seek to inspire the young and old alike to greater levels of achievement through our celebration. Everyone is capable of becoming their best version and enabling that through our mission is truly an honor for me,” said Parashar. Car culture often starts at a young age, with a combination of interest in models and real cars. We’re happy to know a group that has a similar purpose.”

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We noticed they had inducted Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood, as we have in the past, so we asked them about it.  According to Siddharth Parashar, Marketing Manager at AHF, “The diecast car industry is an integral part of the automotive industry and over so many years we’ve had several inductees who have inspired and impacted this industry in revolutionary ways. Larry Wood, who was inducted last year, is one of the legends recognized by the Hall.”

We’ll take a deeper look at the inductees who are in both the Automotive Hall of Fame and the Model Car Hall of Fame next week. Update: Here it is!