M2 Machines VW Bulli SEMA

Little Bulli Invades SEMA Show

If you’ve never been to the annual SEMA auto show, it’s worth a trip for any auto enthusiast. The show, put on by the Specialty Equipment Market Association, gives customizers and performance companies ample room to show off their creativity in 1/1 scale.

SEMA 2023

Many of the vehicles are flat-out ridiculous, and some of questionable taste, but the entire show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The most recent show was just a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas.

In recent years, SEMA has offered some miniature madness in the form of diecast vehicles that represent the spirit of the event. This year, M2 has gone out of its way to show off the absurd in their modestly named “1960 Volkswagen 4×4 Type 2 PickUp”. 

M2 Machines VW Bulli SEMA

This single-cab combi is twice the height of a normal model thanks to the monster-truck-style chassis. That platform is longer and wider than the body as well. The result is ridiculous, which is in keeping with the spirit of SEMA.

Production is limited to 800 regular models and 400 chase models. By the time you read this, it will likely be sold out, so you might as well visit your favorite online source now.

M2 Machines VW Bulli SEMA

You can read about the other models from the 2022 SEMA show at Lamleygroup.com

Chevrolet 2 Volkswagen 1: It’s Bowtie vs Bulli in M2’s SEMA 2022 exclusives

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