A Bigger Mission, a new name – Slot Cars, Model Kits and Scott Bader joining the Selection Committee

At the Hall of Fame, we’re revving higher and higher, and it’s time to upshift. We’ve been steadily adding scales, classes and dozens of new inductees, becoming one of the biggest communities of model car enthusiasts in the world. To best reflect this new status, we’re excited to announce our transition from the Diecast Hall of Fame into the Model Car Hall of Fame, now also covering Model Kits and Slot Cars.

We’re introducing a new logo this year that eagle-eyed followers may have noticed shows a particular brand of car. In fact, it’s last years inductee for Automotive Brand of the Year, BMW, but not just any BMW, the beautiful 507. Rather than have a generic silhouette, we decided to showcase the previous year’s winner because we celebrate striking, standout models in 1:1 or other scale. To show anything less in our own logo would be letting you all down.

As we have more and more brilliant models to pour over during nominations, we need keen collectors from across the industry to join our Selection Committee and help us pick the very best. This year, one of our new categories is slot cars. Who, we thought, would be a better judge than Scott Bader?

Scott not only collects the vehicles but also trade packs, prototypes and everything widely slot car related

Scott, while an enthusiast of many types of models and full size cars, has become something of a patron saint of the slot car hobby. Starting in childhood, Scott has maintained his love for slot cars to today. He has started the Los Angeles Slot Car Museum, a new home for his vast collection of everything slot car related and one of the few establishments of its kind in the world and is also at the helm of Electric Dreams, which he turned it into one of the go-to site for the slot car enthusiast, giving the community also another news source and forum to share their passion. 

Some of his 1,000s of models ready to race

The LASCM houses thousands of slot cars, including nearly all the different types of kits produced during slot cars’ first heyday, professional racing hand-built cars, motors and other parts. Beyond slot cars, Scott also has a very significant collection of rare model kits (the Museum could also be called the Los Angeles Slot Car and Model Kit Museum, but maybe that would be too long). Through these enterprises, Scott helps countless folks relive great memories and continue the hobby. Both  the LASCM and Electric Dreams continue to bring updates, memories and the cars themselves to thousands of grateful hobbyists. We have no doubt that Scott will be a great member of our Selection Committee, and continue to be a standout in the model car world. 

With these new additions, we’re excited to have our biggest year yet. Stay tuned for nominations and event information by subscribing to our email newsletter at the bottom of the page!

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