Blockbuster: PhillyMint 1970 Challenger

When you think of film cars, the Vanishing Point Challenger has to come to mind. This screaming white muscle car, racing across the deserts for only the thinnest of reasons, brought plenty of car fans to the theater just to see an already iconic car on the big screen.

The Challenger stood then, and still does, as one of the definitive muscle cars. It’s got everything: Coke-bottle styling, a range of big V8’s, amazing, silly options like a Pistol Grip shiftier plus the colors “Plum Crazy” and “Top Banana”. It’s no wonder the folks at PhillyMint offer this great 1/24 recreation of the 1970 Challenger R/T to honor the car seen in the film.

This car has a ton of detail, liked a fully wired 426 Hemi, flocked carpets, working suspension, a spare tire, and removable hood pins. Only 250 were made, and as you might expect, they’ve all sold. With an impressive backstory and great execution, it’s a great addition to the Hall.