Collector of the Year – Jim Gallegos

Jim Gallegos describes himself as a completionist. A few words about his collection, and you’re sure to believe him. In an interview with RR Observer, Gallegos estimated his collection of mainly Matchbox at north of 170 thousand.

With so many models, it’s hard not to become a figurehead in the matchbox community. Far from reluctant, Jim has embraced the role, starting the Matchbox convention that meets in his home town of Albuquerque every year.

Jim has worked in the past as an ambassador for matchbox, and still advises on new designs. For his knowledge, dedication and continued involvement, we’re happy to have Jim in the Hall of Fame as Collector of the Year.


2 thoughts on “Collector of the Year – Jim Gallegos

  1. I would love to attend a Matchbox collector’s convention. Can you tell me when and where the next one will be held? Thank you. In cleaning out my recently deceased mother’s house, I found my large collection, started in 1956. My interest and enthusiasm is rekindled and I would like to increase my collection. Thanks for your help. Jim

    1. there is facebook group called Matchbox Collectors Forum where members show, trade, sell and discuss mbx (also auction). i think you would like it a lot. Good Luck!

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