Construction Model of the Year: Caterpillar Blasthole Drill

Yes, this is not a supercar. It’s not a regular car either, or a truck, or a bus. What it is, though, is undeniably cool. Remember being a kid, when you had Erector Sets, or when you asked your dad what those giant orange machines were moving around construction sites, building the very city in which you live and thought: “Woah, I wanna drive that”? That’s the great feeling that construction models evoke.

Take a look at this year’s Inductee. Yup, that’s the Diecast Masters Caterpillar MD6250 Blasthole Drill. No, it’s name doesn’t roll off the tongue as easy as, say, Testarossa. That doesn’t mean it’s not awesome. Simplistically, this is a giant car that makes holes using explosions. It’s got big tracks, like a tank, and a huge diesel engine with a ton of power. It’s super in it’s own very unique way.

So buck up and check out this awesome inductee. At 1:50th scale but still over a foot tall, it’s got every last detail of the real thing down, and it’s definitely not for kids, but it is a great addition to the Hall.