Corgi Celebrates 65 Years of Diecast And Looks Ahead

If it feels like the Corgi brand of diecast vehicles has been around forever, well, it has. This year Corgi celebrates its 65th anniversary with a loving look back at its roots and a detailed look at its future.

David Mather of Corgi with the lifesize James Bond Aston Martin DB5

The beloved diecast company finds itself in a transition, as Darrell Burge, who was the brand manager for both Corgi and Airfix, died, leaving a huge void.

When we say “detailed” we mean it. Corgi’s new Vanguards range takes the level of detail up several notches from what people have traditionally expected from the diecast brand. 

Also, looking forward, Corgi will be focusing more attention on modern vehicles. “Corgi is built on cars, the bedrock of the brand,” said David Mather, a Corgi executive. “We do other things such as aviation, but it’s cars and toys that make Corgi what it is. All I can say for now is we’ll be releasing more recent vehicles compared to classic cars and that will be the mandate going forward – although we will never forget the classics, of course.”

You can read more about the anniversary and the next 65 years at MotorSport Magazine.