Dean Milano, Model Kit Master, joins the Selection Committee

As we welcome the addition of model kits to our categories, we also welcome a Selection Committee member who stands as one of the world authorities on the subject: Dean Milano, a former employee at Revell-Monogram as well as a lifelong collector and kit builder.

Dean fell in love with cars early on, as a front seat passenger in his family’s ‘48 Plymouth. From there, he moved on to model cars after convincing his parents to buy the Jewel Tea Company delivery truck sticking out of a delivery man’s basket. From ‘59 on, Dean was beginning to build 1/25th scale cars and various others. In 1965, he won the second place in a contest at a local hobby shop for his Custom ‘56 Ford, the first of several such wins.

A young Dean after his podium finish.

For years afterwards, models took a backseat while Dean channeled his passion into music, leading to a long and successful career with bands like the New Seekers, although a love for models remained.  Later, In the early 90’s, he began working at what was then Revell-Monogram, where he spent the next 12 years. During those years, Dean’s influence could be felt throughout the Revell range and he naturally amassed a keen knowledge of all things model kits.  

Dean at the Des Plaines, IL office of Revell-Monogram

Beginning in customer service, he eventually moved into Product Development, writing all sorts of copy that anyone who has ever built a Revell kit has probably seen, including instructions, advertising and kit descriptions. He also built many models, designed a few kits, such as the Highway Scenes and Blacktop Warrior series, and worked to sort out which new ideas might make it into production.


A few of Dean’s models, making onto the front page.

Dean’s love of model kits did not stop at Revell’s door, of course. His own collection now stands at around 2,500 models, a mixture of finished kits, as-yet-to-be-built kits, diecast, resin and plastic cars, as well as pretty much every other form of transportation and even H.O. scale buildings. 

In recognition of his immense model kit knowledge, Dean has been recognized in publications such as Scale Auto Enthusiast and books like Arthur Ward’s Classic Kits, among many other articles. His very own toy museum, open from 2001 to 2004, saw more than 4 thousand visitors. 

With such a vast knowledge of the subject, Dean naturally caught our eye as a candidate for the selection committee. He’s the perfect guy to find the best model kits among a huge array of options. We look forward to putting his various talents to use. Model Car Hall band anyone?

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