3dbotmaker King of the Hill

Diecast Racing League Brings Back Gravity-Powered Action

A big reason many diecast collectors love Hot Wheels and other 1/64 scale vehicles is because we played with them before we collected them. Watching those cars zoom down that orange vinyl track, through loops and jumps was endless fun, even if the races lasted like 5 seconds.

3dbotmaker King of the Hill

The folks at 3DBotMaker remember that thrill and have taken it to new heights. Their YouTube channel features  several seasons of elimination downhill racing on a scale you’ve never seen. The tracks start with two gated lanes but widen out to a single wider chute with dangerously banked curves. Cars get tangled up with each other, some overshoot the best lane of the curves, and some just inexplicably crash and burn. And the races are a lot longer than the ones you ran as a kid.

Here. watch! 

Four cars go down… maybe one finishes? Heck, the end of the track has a loop after the finish line so the winning cars still might get t-boned by slower entrants.

3dbotmaker King of the Hill

The multi-angle camera work and lively announcing really enhance the effect. Everything is nicely landscaped and detailed with pits and paddocks and cheeky jokes throughout. The series is run like a tournament, so viewers can grow to love their favorites over a season.

3dbotmaker King of the Hill

3DBotMaker also runs the Diecast Rally Championship and King of the Mountain series with jumps and other rugged features. The diecast for all events is mostly new, usually not modified other than custom decoration, so nothing of terribly high value is getting bashed around.

It might even inspire you to open a few blisters and zoom some cars around your own basement.

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