dicktown Impossible car

Diecast Sleuths Should Enjoy this Animated Mystery

There’s a hilarious animated mystery series airing on Hulu that might get the attention of diecast collectors. At least one episode will. No spoilers though.

Wait, yes there are… so, *SPOILER ALERT!*

In D*cktown, (yes, we’ll censor the name here) two bumbling detectives make their living mostly solving mysteries for local high school students for chump change. Since they’ve been stuck in town the town of Richardsville, North Carolina (see where the title comes from?) long past their own graduations, they are uniquely suited for the job. They also drive around in a cool Pontiac Fiero, the same one driven by one of the characters since way back then.

In episode 9 of season 1, “The Mystery of the Impossible Car,” the case involves the theft of a very rare automobile. A 1968 Dodge Charger. A Custom Charger. A pink 1968 Dodge Custom Charger. But Dodge never made such a car. Unless… 

Diecast detectives should have their radars tingling already from that clue, of course.

dicktown Impossible car

As you may have guessed (again, *SPOILER ALERT!*), the car in question turns out to be a rare Hot Wheels Redline Custom Charger in pink. Mattel famously played with pink as a color on some early Hot Wheels models but feared the hue was too girl-oriented and backed off.

Comedians John Hodgman and David Rees write, produce, and star in the show. Each episode is a short 10-12 minutes, animated and paced like a Scooby Doo cartoon. Please note, there is a lot of crude, vulgar content and humor, so viewers beware. There are two seasons available on Hulu.