Matchbox dodge Sweptside pickup

Don’t Let This Matchbox Dodge Get Sweptside

It’s always exciting when a model of a fairly obscure vehicle arrives in diecast form. It makes you ask “Who the heck thought this would sell enough copies to make it worth the effort?”

And not in a derogatory way, either. It’s more of a sense of wonder and awe at the fool-hearted bravery that someone possessed to plow through the process.

Which brings us to the new Matchbox 1957 Dodge Sweptside pickup. Raise your hand if you have even given this a thought in the last 25 years. For those who aren’t familiar, before the mid-1950s, most pickup trucks had a narrow bed that rested between the fender pods. Then in 1955, Chevrolet came out with the Cameo pickup, which buried the fenders into body panels that were flush with the side of the cab.

Matchbox dodge Sweptside pickup card

Not to be outdone, Dodge decided to add their “Forward Look” styling to their pickup and came up with something… unique. Not only were the fenders flush, but they had tailfins! Now that’s a bold choice. From certain angles, it’s stunning, from some, it looks sort of hastily produced.

Either way, someone at Matchbox must have an irrational love for this vehicle. Did their family own one back in the day? Do they have one now? Do they just like the crazy design? Regardless, hats off to Matchbox for bringing us this little piece of automotive weirdness in 1:64 scale.