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Flying Goddess: Paul Restorer Recreates the Fantomas Citroen DS in Corgi

There are tons of videos on YouTube of model vehicles being restored (or “restored” or restored*, depending on your level of trust). Most are probably real, some are assuredly not, and some might fall in between. They’re entertaining to watch regardless for the most part.

Fantomas flying ctiroen ds musem

Fantomas DVDWe recently discovered the channel for Paul Restorer, who, if that’s his real name, would be an incredibly predictive one who does what he does.We just had to share this video of the Fantomas Citroen Flying Car.

Quick bit of history: Fantomas is a long-running hero of novels and later comic books from France. He is also the main character in movies (including several silent films!) and TV. By the 1960s, his conveyance of choice was a Citroen DS that could fly. Wings folded out from under the body, and a tailfin with jets provided the propulsion. Really if you’re going to build a flying car, it might as well look like a Goddess.

There are some commercially available models of this car, but they rely on the wings being attached or removed to transform the car. Paul did his version a bit differently. 



Paul started with a beat-up Corgi DS model, but instead of the standard restoration process, he decided to resto-mod the car into Fantomas’ car/plane. The results are tres magnifique, especially considering the wings actually retract into the car instead of being snap-on pieces. As a result, the wings are shorter than on other models, but watching them spring into position is most satisfying. The mechanism for making this possible must have taken weeks to engineer.

The Fantomas figure in the driver’s seat is an incredible touch.


It’s a long video, about 39 minutes, but as entertaining as any other diecast resto video you are likely to watch. Heck, make it a double feature with a 1960s Fantomas movie!


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