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Fronti-Art Aston Martin Valkyrie Will be Almost as Rare as the Real Thing

Fronti-Art is taking orders for their latest model, a super-detailed Aston Martin Valkyrie. If you’re not familiar with Fronti-Art, they make highly detailed models of mostly hypercars. They work in several scales including 1/43, 1/18, and 1/8. These are very limited production, and not cheap. Kind of like the real thing, except those are even more limited and way less cheap.

fronti-art Aston Martin Valkyrie lead

They have just released a version of the Aston Martin Valkyrie in 1/18 scale. This Valkyrie is based on the all-carbon fiber version of the real car. How do we know it’s carbon? Because this version is unpainted and you can see all that glorious fiber! Fronti-Art does a great job capturing different surfaces and sheens, even covering the base in CF. 

fronti-art Aston Martin Valkyrie top

They also nailed the strange, complex, beautiful taillights on this car along with the wild-ranging ducts, vents, diffusers, and splitters that dominate much of the styling. The car does not have opening features but does have a very detailed interior. Depending on exchange rates, this model can be bought from their site for a little over $500. Much like it works at a real dealership, you will need to message them for an exact price. The window for ordering closes soon with delivery in late March.

fronti-art Aston Martin Valkyrie rear

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