Hot Wheels Zoom In

Get a First-Person View with the Hot Wheels Zoom In and a Go Pro Camera

If you’re an adult collector of a certain age, you know you always wanted to be inside those 1/64 Diecast cars and go through the loops and jumps and high-banked curves. To do so would require a shrink ray (coming soon, according to the Jetsons) or a tiny camera (yeah, right.)

Well, good news, the tiny camera is here and puts you in the driver’s seat. There have been a lot of videos recently on YouTube in which you are riding along down a track, or a water slide, or through an obstacle course, with a driver-eye view of the action. And it’s now easier to make than ever.

It’s all made possible by the GoPro Hero Session camera, a tiny, portable hi-def camera that’s less than a couple of inches in each direction. So it would fit on a 1/64 car, maybe… 

The other thing that makes it possible is the Zoom In, a model from Hot Wheels designed specifically to hold this camera while it zooms down the track. The footage can be chaotic and fun, or amazingly smooth and fun. Fun is the keyword here.

Is it the car you’ve wanted since you were a kid? Go find one and get a matching camera. The Go-Pro Hero is now available online and used for pretty cheap (like around 5o bucks!), so your flights of fancy are not far behind.

There are some HO-scale train cars similar to this concept, but you can easily mount a camera on any flatcar to get the effect. The internet is full of that kind of stuff, too! Cats not included!

Now set up that dream track and get behind the wheel! And send us your videos!