jada 1-18 mistubishi eclipse

Happy Eclipse Day!

“Look”! Up in the sky!” But not without protective glasses! For people in a certain geographic arc of North America today, there will be a total eclipse. It’s a rare enough event that people really should cherish the chance to experience it.

micro machines Mitsubishi_EclipseSpeaking of Eclipses, back in the 1990s, it seemed every car company was making affordable, compact, lightweight, balanced, sporty coupes. The engines weren’t huge or powerful, but with a few tweaks, some boost, and some suspension upgrades, these cars were hot little rides. Mitsubishi offered a car called the Eclipse.

Along with the Eagle Talon, The Eclipse was a big seller for its segment through four generations (we’re not counting the current Eclipse crossover here). In later years, used ones could be had cheap, and parts to modify them were plentiful. As such, it became a huge hit with the tuner crowd. Heck, they even made AWD and convertible versions of the Eclipse!

Jada Fast and furiious eclipse

In the world of diecast, there have been several models of different generations of Eclipses, from 1/18 down to 1/64. Wait, they even got smaller than that with Micro Machines, Hot Wheels Atomic,  Nano Machines, and Speedeez each offering a version in their tiny scale.

AMT 1995_Mitsubishi_Eclipsed

As cool as the car was, you can thank the Fast and Furious movie franchise for the Eclipse showing up in so many diecast sizes. Even though those models represent heavily modded versions of the car as seen in in the films, they’re available in less wild paint schemes, sometimes minus the extra scoops and aero. AMT even made it in kit form so you can go bonkers adding or subtracting the craziness.

So, once the skies are bright again, check out the totality of the Mitsubishi Eclipse diecast offerings. They’re a bright spot in the model car world.

Ron Ruelle is a cartoonist, writer, and illustrator who also writes about model cars. You can see his work at www.ronruelle.com