Model car hall of fame 2023 winners

Here are the Model Car Hall of Fame’s Models of the Year for 2023

Every year, The Model Car Hall of Fame is proud to announce the newest class of inductees for the model vehicles in several categories. Each model represents the finest achievements in detail, innovation, and character for various scales. Here are the 2023 inductees.

Large Scale Model of the Year – Hot Toys DeLorean Time Machine

hot toys DeLorean_Time_Machine front

In the Back to the Future movies, the chemistry between Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd was perfect. But let’s not forget about the time machine itself, the other star of the films. Hot Toys’ insanely detailed 1/6 scale DeLorean Time Machine is the closest you will ever get to owning the real thing. It can be displayed on its wheels, or in hover mode, complete with transparent stands. The light-up details look eerily real. Inside, the dashboard and Flux Capacitor also light up.

1/18 Model of the Year – Maisto Audi E-Tron GT

maisto Audi_RS_e-tron_GT_open 2jpg

Just look under the hood at that engine detail… oh right, this is an electric car. So with both ends opened up, you get to see a lot of storage space. Despite the simplicity, Maisto’s E-Tron GT captures the stately yet sporty lines of the 1/1 scale car in a fantastic hue of green. It’s great to see auto manufacturers put so much love into their EV designs, and for diecast manufacturers to recognize that trend and do the same in miniature.

1/24 Model of the Year – M2 Machines Nissan Fairlady Z

M2 1970_Nissan_Fairlady_Z432 package

Nissan’s attempt to capture the magic of the Jaguar XKE, the Fiairlady Z (known as the Datsun 240Z in the United States) hit the bullseye. It had a similar profile, with sharper lines, was reasonably priced, and trusty as anything else coming out of Japan. From the sugar scoop headlights to the more angled rear ledge, everything about this car got the plan right without feeling plagiarized. Also, the Z was a legendary racer, so this M2 Machines Fairlady in red, white, and blue with classic sponsor logos evokes memories of this fast, light-performance bargain. Credit the folks at M2 for some great packaging as well. You could mistake this for a model made 50 years ago at first glance.

1/43 Model of the Year – Autocult Volvo 1800 ESC Viking Coggiola

Volvo_1800_ESC_Viking_Coggiola tail

“Volvo: They’re Boxy but Good” is one of the best ad slogans of all time. The problem is, it’s not a real slogan, but from a movie called “Crazy People.” Proof that contradicts that slogan is the 1971 1800 ESC Viking Coggiola, a sharp-edged sports coupe. Autocult decided to bring the car into production in 1/43 scale. Autocult is known for its highly detailed models of obscure, odd, and even downright bizarre vehicles that have never been replicated in miniature and for fixing those omissions. Those are some crazy people!

1/64 Model of the Year – Matchbox Toyota MR2

matchbox toyota mr2

The Toyota MR2 is one of the great cheap thrills sports cars of all time. Matchbox has created models of other generations of the legendary affordable mid-engine sports car, but this second-gen model might be the best. As part of the Moving Parts series, it features opening doors. There are even versions with the headlights popped up or dropped down. As a premium model, it costs a bit more than the mainline Matchbox, but it’s worth the splurge. And prices of the real thing are still attainable as well.

1/87 Model of the Year – Brekina Automotive 1976 Porsche 911 Targa

brekina 911 targa police

Few motorists can outrun the police when the cops are in a Porsche 911. This HO scale model might not work on train layouts for every country, but the detail and livery are really well done. Brekina also offers civilian and racing models of this Targa. Now that would be a neat chase scene in 1/87 scale!

Model Kit of the Year – Revell 1/25 Mustang Mach 1

Revelle 1971 Mustang Mach 1

The Mach 1 Mustang was the biggest version of the car yet, and the last hurrah for the original age of muscle cars. Revell has offered kits of it before, but this is a sharply retooled new model, and with the leaps in the quality of decals over the years, it’s their finest version yet.

Model Truck of the Year – Hot Wheels ’61 Impala & ’72 Chevy Ramp Truck

hot wheels 61 impala 72 chevy ramp truck

The Hot Wheels Team Transport vehicle line has been a wildly successful series, featuring an intriguing mix of cars with matching haulers. For 2023, Hot Wheels released one of the best combinations yet, the ’61 Impala ’72 Chevy Ramp Truck set. No major sponsors on the car, but lots of little decals. The ramp truck is decorated in a bare-bones livery, looking like the team poured every cent into the race car, not a fancy paint scheme. The Impala/Ramp Truck set has a very DIY racing effort ethos about it. Even though it’s technically a pair of models, the truck is put to such great use it can’t be ignored.