Hot Wheels braille twin mill

Hot Wheels Braille Twin Mill Gives New Meaning to Beautiful Design

Have you seen the new Braille edition of the Hot Wheels Twin Mill? Turns out you don’t have to. The packaging and the car itself are covered in 3-dimensional Braille text.

The casting was created in partnership with the National Federation of the Blind and features Braille text on the blister reading “HOT WHEELS TWIN MILL”. The car is a simplified version of the Original 16 Twin Mill with some details like the engine being smoothed over and raised text appearing on the sides and base.

Hot Wheels braille twin mill

It’s part of their new Celebration Racers series designed to promote inclusiveness and holiday festivities.

In another nod to the Braille Twin Mill not needing to be seen to be appreciated, variants of the car have unusual color choices for the tires. Also, the windshield is painted the same color as the body.

Braille text on the two sides read “Twin” and “Mill” respectively, and the base reads “Hot Wheels.” Keeping with this year’s overall Hot Wheels theme, “#68” appears on the rear of the car. While raised text can also be found on the blister, the cardboard backing lacks raised letters. The idea is still solid.

The Braille Twin Mill gives a whole new way to appreciate such a beautifully designed car. Look for these on the pegs with the rest of the Hot Wheels mainline cars. Or feel for them.