Hot Wheels Bugcation card

Hot Wheels Bugcation is a Camper Rig Ready for Adventure

Many 1/64 diecast companies have offered hauler and trailer sets over the years, with different sensibilities. AutoWorld and Greenlight do pretty much no-nonsense combinations of SUVs or Wagons hauling campers or car haulers. Matchbox has offered sets with rugged offroad vehicles hauling boats or motorcycles or ATVs that are ready to head straight to your backyard sandbox for adventure.

Hot Wheels has gone a more whimsical, fantastic route with futuristic semis and multi-part RVs. 

Hot Wheels Bugcation

The most recent of those RV offerings is the Bugcation. As the name might suggest, the hauler in this case is a VW Beetle. And there have been some historic real-life prototypes for Beetle-related camper combos, but this one is a bit more. This set takes inspiration from the too-subtly named Custom VW Beetle, an extremely lowered, chopped, channeled, fenderless hot rod. In this case, the similarly designed rig gets a third axle and a towing mechanism in the back. 

Hot Wheels Bugcation

The trailer is an odd combination of futuristic and ramshackle design. In the right colors, this would fit right in with the world of Mad Max. 

It’s a mad design, all right, and a nice one to boot. As part of the Track Stars series, it’s designed to be sent down some orange highway into adventure. Who’s with me? Plenty of room for all!