Hot Wheels Coupe Clip keys

Hot Wheels Coupe Clip Holds the Key to Keeping Organized

Most Hot Wheels cars have four wheels. Some have six or eight. There are a few with more, but those tend to get kind of expensive. 

There are a few models with three or just two wheels. Are there any with just one? And there are a couple with none, but those are usually aircraft or watercraft.

Hot Wheels Coupe Clip

Mattel has added another wheel-less Hot Wheels car, the Coupe Clip. It’s a sleek GT coupe, and appears to take its shape from the El Segundo Coupe, an unlicensed car that captures classic GT design in a modern, even futuristic way. But the Coupe Clip has no wheels, just sort of implied fake ones that end flush with a completely smooth base. Why?

Hot Wheels Coupe Clip El Segundo

One clue: It’s part of the Experimotors series, which means there is a hidden function or feature in the design. But what is it? Well, there is a little loop built into the back of the car’s fastback, where you can attach a key ring. Oh, it’s a key fob! That’s kind of neat. But why the flat bottom?

As it turns out, this thing is magnetized, so you can stick it on your fridge when you get home from the race track, from doing donuts in a snowy parking lot, or just running to the grocery store. 

All of this is a neat idea, especially if your fridge is near the door to your garage. Just make sure you don’t keep any sort of thumb drive for your computer on the same cluster of keys because we know which attachment will win that battle.

Hot Wheels Coupe Clip