I Used to Own These Vehicles, and I Want Them Back Now!

Ron Ruelle model car hall of fame
by Ron Ruelle

A while back, I wrote an article about the cars, trucks, and buses my family owned when I was growing up (all the way through college,). Surprisingly, most of them were available at some point as scale models, although some are older or expensive, premium-priced models.

So here’s the list of cars I have owned since leaving my parents’ basement. As before, several are available if I allow some wiggle room on model dates and option packages. And some, sadly, don’t seem to exist in miniature.

Also, these cars are listed in order of their date of manufacture, not when I owned them.

1932 Willys-Overland Roadster (This is not some sort of Jeep-like thing, just a standard mid-30s rumble seat roadster. Cant find anything close.)

1959 Buick LeSabre (A handful of models exist, including really nice ones from Sun Star in 1/18, and Western Models in 1/43. They are actually Electras and don’t have the same flattop roof as mine, but close enough.)


1971 Buick Riviera (So many Boattails to choose from now, lots in Vintage Red, which was the color of mine.)

Hot Wheels 1971 Buick Rivera Treasure Hunt

1980 Dodge Omni (Motor Max offered one in red, like the one I drove in high school, as part of the Fresh Cherries series of not so great but popular cheap cars.)

Dodge Omni Fresh Cherries

1984 Mazda 626 (NEO Models makes a slightly newer JDM version of this not terribly exciting design.)

Mazda 626

1992 Mazda B2200 Pickup (Nothing available in miniature it seems.)

1993 Geo Metro Wagon (Nothing here either.)

1993 Mazda Miata (Lots of small-scale models from Mini GT, Tomica, and Hot Wheels, but surprisingly few in larger scales like 1/18. Hard to find in white for some reason. Still own this magnificent thing in 1/1 scale, by the way.)

Hot Wheels Mazda Miata Tomy Mazda Miata

1995 Dodge Neon (Lots of models of the second-gen Neon, but not the first. Dodge offered a 1/24 promo model when the car was new, which I should have snagged, as it was in my shade of green.)

1994 Dodge neon promo

2001 Subaru Forester (DNA Collectibles has a slightly newer and way hotter model in STI trim in 1/18 scale.)

Subaru Forester

2004 Mini Cooper (Tons to choose from. Johnny Lightning did one in the same Pepper White as mine.)

Italian Job Mini Cooper

2005 Scion xB (Jada makes a really expensive model in the same Solar Yellow color as mine. Matchbox did a nice version of the xBox in other colors. Also, DJ, a member of the Tuner Gang from Pixar’s Cars, is generally believed to be an xBox.)

Pixar DJ

2007 Hyundai Tuscon (IXO made a model the exact same rental spec silver as mine! Dead solid identical.)


Aside from a few of them, I could recreate my lifetime garage in miniature, albeit not in one scale. Also, there are a couple of cars on there I would rather forget, but they are still part of my history. Are you aware of any models that I missed?