Inno64 Bruce Lee Nissan GT-R

Inno64 Bruce Lee Tribute Collection Kicks Diecast Ass

For fans of classic martial arts movies, pop culture icons, and cool cars, we have good news!

Inno64 Bruce Lee Nissan GT-R
Inno64 has released a series of Bruce Lee-themed cars in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of his tragic death. TinyHK, a licensor of various Korean pop culture properties, also participated. The cars are different editions of the classic Nissan Skyline GT-R, the R31, R32, R33, and R34 variants.

Inno64 Bruce Lee Nissan GT-R package

The detail is sharp, and the graphics are crisply printed and dynamic. The cars come in a clear plastic display case inside a decorative box.

One question… Why are they using more modern Japanese cars for this series? The Skyline came out well after Lee’s demise, and he was not from Japan. If you can get past those quibbles, it’s a really neat series.

Inno64 Bruce Lee Nissan GT-R

Find out more at Inno64’s website.