Model car hall of fame 2022

Introducing the 2022 Model Car Hall of Fame Models of the Year

Every year the Model Car Hall of fame sorts through hundreds of worthy models to find the best diecast offerings of the year. Here are our winners for 2022!

1/12 Model of the Year – Schuco Herbie The Love Bug


The Schuco Volkswagen 53 Rallye Car, better known as Herbie, is one of the most beloved movie cars of all time. You almost expect this very large model to honk and flash his headlights to beckon you to go for a ride.

1/18 Model of the Year – Greenlight Rain Man 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible

Greenlight rain man 1949 buick side

1988’s Rain Man is an iconic movie for so many reasons… the chemistry (and family resemblance!) between stars Dustin Hoffman and Tom Curise. But you can’t have an unforgettable road trip without an unforgettable car.

1/124 Model of the Year – IXO Dodge Valiant Acapulco

ixo Dodge_Valiant_Acapulco front

The 1963 Valiant bridged the gap between the end of the fins and chrome era and the beginning of the pony car wars. IXO captures this trusty ride perfectly.

1/43 Model of the Year – GLM Chrysler La Comtesse

glm 1954_Chrysler_La_Comtesse main

The La Comtesse was a one-off Chrysler concept car that never went into production. It seemed to be a predecessor the the Dodge LaFemme, which was a Royal Lancer in pink or orchid. Nonetheless, GLM made this model in limited quantities. It’s the Model Car Hall of Fame’s choice for 1/43 Model of the Year for 2022.

1/64 Model of the Year – Matchbox Renault Twizy

Matchbox renault twizyThe Twizy is a weird little concept that somehow went into production as one of the cheapest EV’s on the planet. Matchbox captures the wild styling of this microcar in a size that’s not that much smaller.

1/87 Model of the Year – Norev Peugeot 304

norev peugeot 304 blue

In some ways the Peugeot 304 is the least remarkable car on the planet. Or the most unremarkable. Either way, it’s the bare minimum a car needs to be. Or is it? Think about the humble VW Beetle, Mini Cooper, or Honda CVCC. Simple, inexpensive, everything you need, nothing you don’t. It was basically France’s answer to the same question.

Model Kit of the Year – MPC Californian Oldsmobile Toronado

MPC toronado californian box

The spirit of creativity that resulted in some of the crazy custom designs of that bygone era lives on in the spirit of this revamped, retooled kit from MPC. So the Model Car Hall of Fame bestows the honor of Model Kit of the Year for 2022 to the MPC Californian Toronado.

Slot Car of the Year – Scalextricx Blues Brothers Dodge Monaco Police Car

scalectrix blues brothers monaco packageScalectrix covers all the bases with their Blues Brothers Dodge Monaco Police Car slot car. This bad cop ride is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s Slot Car of the Year for 2022.

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