Jim Bur joins the Selection Committee

Think about what brings you to the hobby. Maybe you saw a particular model that you loved, maybe you collect models close to the car you own or used to own. What if your job, your hobby, and even your daily driver became a cohesive, extensive catalogue of your favorite brand? Our newest selection committee member, Jim Bur, can answer that question.

Jim Bur Collection
The Collection from egarage.com

Throughout a number of different roles in the Brand Management and Licensing industry, Jim Bur has worked closely with Chrysler and FCA on marketing, advertising and communications. For Jim, his relationship to this family of brands, suppliers and enthusiasts more widely known as Mopar extends far beyond the office. Both his garage and his house stand as a testament to a life long dedication to all things Mopar.

Jim Bur Collection

Jim’s model collection numbers somewhere north of 10,000, starting with an AMT Viper and ballooning to include everything from classic Mopar muscle like ‘Cudas, Chargers, and Daytonas to Jeep’s, AMC’s and others. Bur’s collection spans all types of brands, especially those of M2.

Clearly, Jim is a true hobbyist. We’re excited to welcome Jim’s extensive knowledge and love for cars onto our Selection Committee.


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