John Leslie Ragsdale, Inductee of the Class of 2014, has passed away

John Ragsdale, 63, passed away in Ennis, Texas on Thursday, March 28, 2019. John ran the DFW Toy and Diecast Fair for the last 15 years along with his brother George. in 2013, he was honored by the North Texas Diecast Collectors Club for “Outstanding Performance”.  John was Inducted into the then Diecast Hall of Fame for the Random Act of Kindness Award. Our best wishes go to his family, friends and fellow collectors.

12 thoughts on “John Leslie Ragsdale, Inductee of the Class of 2014, has passed away

  1. John was one of the ‘great guys’ when it came to collecting. We met at one of the conventions and his knowledge and passion was tremendous. I will miss him

    RIP and bless your family

  2. The news is sad, though we only met in person once or twice at conventions, we spoke though various forums and boards years back regularly. He was there for the hobby first helping where he could. It was cool that collecting was a family affair for him, as I got to meet both John and his brother George who also is a big fan of Hot Wheels. Condolences to the whole family.

  3. John will be missed by friends and family. Such a sweet, friendly man… such a help to us with his family in Dallas, playing the part of chauffeur for the designers and guests for the Nationals.

  4. John Ragsdale was a very sweet man, he and I were Fb friends and chatted a few times about Hot Wheels. The whole Ragsdale family are amazing, caring people and I know they will miss John . I know that whenever Johns name is mentioned in Hot Wheels, everyone will smile because he was a great man and will definitely be missed by all. R.I.P John, my friend❀

  5. I am so sorry to hear this sad news!
    My heart and prayers go out to his family!
    He was one of the few true members that deserved his RAOK award!!
    He will be greatly missed!!
    Big hugs to his family!

  6. The Diecast Collector community has suffered a great loss with the passing of John Ragsdale. He was a staple at our Diecastspace Conventions as well as the HotWheels Conventions along with Brother George and Judy.
    He will be missed by all…. Godspeed JOHN!!!

  7. RIP John, you were one of the great Ambassadors of the hobby. We met in Las Vegas at the early Diecast Space Conventions and again at the Hot Wheels Conventions in California. Always enjoyed our conversations and looked forward to seeing him at the next Convention. You will be missed by many. Keep the pegs clear of TH in Heaven my man!

  8. I first was introduced on facebook then i had the great pleasure and honor to meet John at the Diecast super con
    he was not only a great collector but a great asset to the hole diecast community
    He gave his hart and soul to help in any way he could
    He was a great man well deserving of the hall of fame
    He had much respect for all he encountered
    He carried his self with great morals and values
    The Man will leave the collectors he knew with a emptiness that can not be filled
    He was a man with great character
    John will always be in my hart and missed dearly by many ❀

  9. John was one of the more important collectors in the Hot Wheel world of diecast collecting. Both he and his brother, George are very knowledgeable people in the hobby. He will be missed tremendously and always be remembered. Condolences to his family in this time of grief.

  10. John was an obsessed collector of variations! He and I would sit and talk about all kids of different things that we considered a variation! On top of that, he was a great guy! I had the chance to see his and his brother Georges collection when I was in Texas and it was spectacular!
    John will be missed by all….
    – Mike Zarnock

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