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The Model Car Hall of Fame is part of the hobbyDB family – a site Powered by Collectors and now OWNED by Collectors

The Model Car Hall of Fame is built to celebrate and honor the scales, cars, and people that make model collecting interesting. At hobbyDB, their mission is to create the ultimate resource for model car collectors; A place to explore, discuss, and share the same cars, brands, and people you celebrate on the MCHOF. The folks at hobbyDB not only provide a home for the Model Car Hall of Fame, supporting us in our quest to build a hub for model car collectors but thanks to the support of their community, hobbyDB is making giant leaps forward in creating a home for all collectors, everywhere.

Now, you and other collectors can grab a stake in hobbyDB. Together with your fellow collectors, you’ll be helping forge the destiny of the world’s biggest fan hub and grow the Model Car Hall of Fame to include more of your favorite diecast. See how to get involved here and check out how hobbyDB empowers collectors.