Junkyard Joust

Junkyard Joust Is Smashing Good Fun

A while back we took a look at Diecast Mountain Racing, a YouTube series that sends four 1/64 scale cars down a twisting track, tangling and tumbling towards the finish line. While the play is kind of rough, it has nothing on another fantastic YouTube channel.

Welcome to Junkyard Joust, a hilariously entertaining competition produced and hosted by Aaron Yonda. The premise is simple: teams of 5 cars go down a very steep track one at a time, crashing into whatever is on the track below. It starts with a Hot Wheels Evil Weevil to bear the initial brunt, and afterward, the cars add up quickly.

Junkyard Joust

Or they don’t. Heavy cars or ones with a low, scoopy front end will often send previous cars flying off the track or on top of each other. On the other hand, sometimes the car races right down to the fray and bounces off into the nether world.

It doesn’t matter that much to a degree. Any car that is still upright or at least within 45 degrees of such stature, remains alive for the next round. Sideways or upside down, and it’s goodbye. Oh, and it doesn’t matter if a car is on the track, in the weeds, or on top of other cars. Or if was upside down at one point and then turned back upright. As long as it’s upside-up at the end, it advances.

The league is set up as a season-long series of 10 teams, often sorted by theme. Red cars, arachnid-themed cars, vintage cars, massive semis, waffle-based cars… you name it. Yes, waffles. There was one team whose cars were created from a waffle maker that made… little car waffles. You’d be surprised how well they performed.

Junkyard Joust

The commentary is hilarious, and there are running gags and side stories that continue from season to season. It’s best watched in order, but you can jump into any episode and be entertained.

So if you can bear the pain of diecast, even some vintage, taking and delivering a lot of damage, you should enjoy every minute of Junkyard Joust. Just stay away from LeMelt.

Junkyard Joust

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