Auto Union Type C

LEGO Ideas Green Lights Auto Union Type C for Another Six Months

Is there a more apt description for the 1936 Auto Union Type C racecar other than an “airplane without wings?”

A version of this sleek vehicle, with its aerodynamic form and powerful underpinnings designed specifically for hill climbing, has just received the green light for another six months on the LEGO Ideas website.

The campaign earned another 182 days after reaching 5,000 supporters — or half of its goal of 10,000.

Auto Union Type C Racecar


The 1936 Auto Union Type C hill climbing version featured double tires in the rear because of the unavailability of wide tires back then. Helping to power up those uphill grades was a 16-cylinder 6-liter engine (with an output of 520 HP).

The proposed LEGO version arrives as a 1:8 scale model at 50 cm in length and features removable panels that reveal detailed technical components.


Auto Union Type C Racecar


Check out the 1936 Auto Union Type C hill climber campaign and more classic vehicle sets on the LEGO Ideas website here.

Auto Union Type CAuto Union Type C Racecar