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Let’s Salute the “Most American” Diecast Vehicles!

Since it’s the Fourth of July week, we thought we’d look at the “most American” cars of all. Sure, you can have your Tri-Chevies, Mustangs, and Dodge pickups, but we’re using our own unique criteria here. Also, we’re talking about diecast.

jo-han rambler american promo

Rambler American – It’s right there in the name, isn’t it? Also, the company eventually became American Motors. Jo-Han made nice 1/25-scale promo models (later offered in kit form) of several of the 1960s Americans. Oh, and, AMC was the last symbol of independence in the U.S. automobile market.

m2 1968_Pontiac_Firebird

Chip Foose Uncle Sam’s Nephew – What could be more ‘Murican than a custom 1968 Firebird? How about this one called Uncle Sam’s Nephew, complete with red and white flames? M2 has you covered in 1/64 scale.

Hot Wheels Mailed It

U.S. Postal Service Vehicles – Hot Wheels has created a number of awesome postal trucks (and motorcycles) over the years, but let’s talk about this brand-new casting. It’s called Mailed It! It’s a funny-car-styled delivery van with hilarious graphics. Funny in so many ways.

ixo greenwood corvette

Greenwood Corvette – John Greenwood campaigned this Chevrolet Corvette Greenwood at endurance races such as Le Mans and Sebring in 1976. Now that’s patriotism. There are a few models of it available, but none capture the star-spangled glory of IXO’s 1/43 version.

New Ray Jeep_Willys_U.S.A._Army_Green

Willys Jeep – It’s the vehicle that saved the world! Made by Willys and also Ford, the Jeep was the indestructible, go-anywhere 4×4 that figured largely in winning World War II. While Jeep survives today as a much larger, cushier status symbol, the original created the blueprint. New-Ray Toys makes a rugged-looking 1/32-scale model of it. Thank you for your service!

Let us know if you have other choices for our list. 

2 thoughts on “Let’s Salute the “Most American” Diecast Vehicles!

  1. The Hot Wheels TriCar X8 was my American-mobile when I was a kid. The fact that it was somehow a rocket AND a car blew my mind!

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