Let’s Unpack Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are an interesting subculture of Youtube. Someone buys something new, and then films themselves opening it up for the first time, and then you watch, and then…?

The trend seems to have started with high-tech gadgets like new iPhones, some of them ending in hilarious schadenfreude. It has become particularly popular among diecast collectors, watching someone open the latest case of M2 or Greenlight or, especially, big retail boxes of Hot Wheels. Our friends at Lamley Group put a lot of effort into theirs.

Those boxes are not cheap, somewhere between wholesale and retail costs for 72 cars. That includes rare chase cars and a few limited-segment models. Plus all the not-as-interesting mainline offerings And duplicates of some. And duplicates of the less interesting cars.

diecast unboxing video

Still, we can’t look away. So what are the pros and cons of these videos?

Why are they fun to watch?

• It’s nice to get a sneak peek at the contents of something you might not own for a while.
• It’s nice to get a sneak peek at the contents before you decide it’s worth the purchase.
• If you take notes, you can guess what the stocker at the store is about to unload when you see the case code and then reference your online databasse, and then lurk.
• Ooooh, let’s watch them rip open the valuable sealed box!
• With the right tone of commentary and soothing soundtrack, they are like ASMR videos..
• Maybe there’s an awesome fail about to happen?

Why should they not be fun to watch?

• I want to open it! Me! I want one! It’s like being at someone else’s birthday party and watching them have all the fun.
• Spoilers… Maybe you want to be surprised, in which case, hit the stop button and re-evaluate your life.
• Some of these are 10-15 minutes long. Shouldn’t you be working or checking on your kids or something?

What do you think? Do you watch these? Do you make them? What do you get out of it? Let us know!

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