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M2 Machines Collectors Unite in One Database at hobbyDB

The biggest brands in diecast, such as Hot Wheels, are pretty well documented online. And yet, it’s hard to find every single model all in one place. More frustratingly, the companies who produce diecast and other collectibles seem like they can hardly be bothered to track their own creations over time.

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Turns out those companies often have the info, but lack the resources to present and preserve them in a neat and orderly fashion. Our friends at hobbyDB have been working diligently to assemble complete archives in a single place. Much of it is spurred by hobbyDB’s users, who passionately add and curate these online collections. And sometimes, they get the help of the manufacturers! 

The latest company to participate in the “Official Archives” project at hobbyDB is M2. There are now over 9,800 distinct models and variants listed on the site, many including photos direct from the folks at M2. Fans of the brand will be amazed at the team effort that brought all of this to one place.

And if you happen to find anything missing, feel free to contribute to their efforts with the M2 Machines Official Archive!

Every M2 Machines Model Ever with hobbyDB’s Latest Official Archive