Immersed: Marshall Buck Joins the Selection Committee

Marshall Buck, The newest member of the Model Car Hall of Fame Selection Committee, possess experience in every corner of the model car hobby, from building and collecting to business and entrepreneurship.

Marshall Buck
Marshall with some of his creations.

Beginning with diecast from big European names, Marshall quickly added kits and slot cars to his growing scale vehicle interest, and with some encouragement from family members, landed a freelance gig with Aurora Toy Corporation while still a teenager.

Marshall maintained his model passion outside of school, buying, trading, building and selling while working in different day jobs. Soon, one of Marshall’s customers lit the spark that would begin his career in model cars, urging him to consider doing the work full-time.

That’s exactly what Marshall did, starting his own, larger volume producer: Creative Miniature Associates, or CMA.  Later, he also began writing a featured model column for Vintage Motorsport Magazine, beginning a ten year stint with the publication, all the while growing CMA and handling requests for custom models.

Throughout the ensuing years, Marshall has honed CMA into a renowned model builder, producing hand-built models in a variety of scales (many uncommon) like 1:20, 1:14, 1:43, plus 1:12 limited edition hand built models and kits. These limited editions stand among the best known CMA creations, often based on famous race cars and signed by famous race drivers.

Through CMA, Marshall has worked with some storied names over the years, building models for manufacturers like Toyota, Ferrari, Aston Martin and many more. With so much experience, Marshall continues to be in high demand, contributing to dozens of automotive publications over the years. His passion for cars shows no signs of waning, and we hope he’ll continue to make great connections and help make 2019 a great year for the Hall.



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