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Matrix 1971 Stutz Duplex Sedan Tones Down an Over-The-Top Design

If you’re old enough, you might remember the odd history of “revival” cars in the late 1960s and 1970s. These were new takes on old, dead brands, such as Duesenberg, Bugatti, and Pierce Arrow. If your recollection is vague, it’s because none of them ever made it into production as real cars. (Well, Bugatti did, but that was much later). These cars were design exercises, a collection of “what-ifs.” Some, like Duesenberg, even had actual sales and marketing materials for the real car.

Matrix 1971 Stutz Duplex Sedan white

Stutz, however, made the cut. In 1971, a new Stutz Blackhawk coupe hit the streets, as a heavily modified Pontiac. The styling was over-the-top but executed well enough that it hid its origins and didn’t look like a kit car. Elvis Presley even owned one!

There have been a few models of the Blackhawk, but the coupe now has some company on the collector shelf: The Stutz Duplex Sedan. Amazingly, there was a four-door hardtop version as well.

Matrix 1971 Stutz Duplex Sedan white

Matrix Scale Models, purveyors of high-quality 1/43 scale vehicles recently put out their miniature version of the Stutz Duplex. Even though the overall shape and lines are similar to the coupe, the car looks more stately with those extra door handles. The longer wheelbase and lack of silly sidepipes help tone it down a bit. There are no opening features on this model, but the detail cast in resin is as exquisite as any other model from Matrix.

The aforementioned other brands were immortalized by Revell in the 1960s, and that’s a story we’ll tell someday.

Incredibly, the Stutz revival cars were made all the way up through 1987, which seems pretty recent for this sort of thing. Now’s your chance to own a brand new one!

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