Isolation Island

MCHOF ’20: Isolation Island Creates a Virtual, Miniature Concours d’Elegance

Car shows and diecast conventions were one of the sadly missing real-world events in 2020. Lucky for fans of such things, the Isolation Island Concours d’Elegance stepped in to fill the void. As one of the most fun online “conventions” and a showcase of astonishing model making, Isolation Island gets a spot in the Model Car Hall of Fame for 2020.

Isolation IslandThe event honors custom and scratch-built scale models of all sizes in various categories. Some of them represent pristine classics, some are race-worn track stars, some are weather-beaten rat rods and projects. If these were 1:1 cars, they would comprise an impressive show in real life. There is even a Concours De Lemons award for the most “Why did they ever make this?” model, an overly customized hot rod Chevy Vega wagon.

Entries kicked off in March of 2020, and a grueling nine-month process culminated with an online award show at the end of the year.

Event Chairman Andy Reid, Vice-Chairman Dirk de Jager, and Hagerty Insurance CEO McKeel Hagerty hosted the proceedings from their virtual garages. Judges for the event included race car drivers, automotive journalists, car designers, auto enthusiasts, diecast collectors, and lots of other folks who live and breathe automotive culture, full-size or miniature. Models were selected for their keen sense of history and meticulous eye for detail.



By the way, did you notice the animated version of their logo shows a hand pushing the silhouette of the roadster into place? Nice touch!

In addition to the models themselves, many of them are presented in incredibly realistic dioramas, and awards went out for photography and scenery. And if the fun factor wasn’t enough to justify Isolation Island’s existence, the event raised over $100,000 (!) for various charities through entry fees and donations.



It was great to have something like Isolation Island to bring collectors together in 2020, and for that, they deserve a spot in the Model Car Hall of Fame.