MCHOF’20: Jays Models Is the Down Under Source for Diecast 

The diecast world is full of model cars from the United States, Europe, and Asian countries. If you visit a retailer based in Japan, you are likely to find a higher concentration of Japanese models, including many that are not widely available elsewhere.


But that’s just the northern hemisphere. Australia has a long history of producing their own autos, many under the guise of Ford, and Holden (A separate General Motors brand). The cars included a combination of adaptations of existing designs, modified European cars, and maddeningly enough, original creations that were never offered to other markets. All with steering wheels on the right side of the car.

Jays Models fills the same niche for Australia many of these other nationally-centered retailers. Much of the site is, of course, models from Holden and Ford, but it also covers construction equipment and racing models from down under.

holden hj jays models ford screen shots

The categories on the pages break everything down nicely by price, real car manufacturer, and even kids’ selections. 

Sadly, it Australian auto industry ended for good in 2017, with the final cars rolling off the assembly lines. Both Ford and GM are shifting production elsewhere. But Jaya Models ensures they will not go extinct, and for that, they are our Retailer of the Year for 2020.