Alex Whalley

MCHOF’22: Alex Whalley Chops and Hacks His Way into Model Car Hall of Fame

We’ve seen some incredible repaints of diecast models over the years, but the work Alex Whalley is doing in 1/64 scale is kind of mind-blowing. Not content with the colors and designs, he hacks and chops and fabricates miniature miracles. For that artistry, Alex Whalley is the Model Car Hall of Fame’s Customizer of the Year for 2023.

Crushed-Candy alex whalley

My-Custom-Hot-Wheels-Kombi-LogoCheck out his Tooned ’55 Gasser model. He took the rare and expensive Candy Striper Bel Air Gasser and did the unthinkable: he took it out of the package! Oh, and then he hacked off the top, shortened the body, and fabricated a top from scratch… Look, we could describe his formula, but he did it for us.

Most of his custom designs begin with looking at an existing Hot Wheels car from a weird angle and deciding there was more that could be done with it. After some sketching and doodling and measurements, he busts out the tools and goes to town on it. In some cases, the result is a car that looks like a heavily customized version of the original. And in some cases, it takes more than a lot of squinting to figure out the origin of the model. Either way, his clean, perfect execution including paint and decals is astonishing to behold. 

Grinch-Christmas alex whalley

Whalley not only creates wild customs, he proudly shares the exact process of how he did it so you can take a shot at it. Some articles are blow-by-blow descriptions with lots of photos and even more insight. And many are just general tips for customizers on how to improve their own processes. That kind of passion and generosity has earned him induction into the Model Car Hall of Fame as Customizer of the Year for 2022.